in wonderful exhaustion

Merry Christmas.

I am so grateful for those of you who are with me on this journey to help us all expand our us. I am overwhelmed and thankful for words of encouragement, thoughtful interaction and a willingness to engage with perspectives that feel foreign, unsettling or offensive.  Thanks for walking with me in our first 5 months!

I have spent the last week with family who think and speak and vote differently than me, and I marveled at our ability to love each other well.  I hope that we can all share a common realization this week as we engage with people who see the world so differently than we do, and yet wish them a Merry Christmas as we ask them to pass the gravy  We are actually very good at loving people we don't understand!

  This Christmas week, I simply want to say thankyou, and that taking a moment in this holiday season to express gratitude is no small thing.

No essay this week, but I would love for you to read over all we have explored in the last few months.